Founded in 1956, Conewago Contractors, Inc. is a third generation owned and operated real estate development company with commercial and industrial properties located across the Mid-Atlantic United States. With holdings comprised of over 900,000 square feet of leasable premises, we are sure to have the right space at the right location for any business.

Our small and close knit group of employees provide unparalleled service and support to all of our tenants. The advantages of choosing Conewago Contractors over large national landlords will be realized the minute we begin our working relationship. From dealing with the same group of people every time you call us, to feeling cared about and having us genuinely wishing for your business to succeed, the Conewago experience is unlike any other in the real estate business. Learn more about those of us you will be working with in the future below.

Allen M. Smith, President

With over 30 years of real estate experience, Allen’s knowledge and adeptness lead Conewago. Making strategic decisions, and effectively assuming what would traditionally be a CFO’s responsibilities, he oversees almost every aspect of the business. This intimate relationship with the company provides him with in-depth knowledge of our tenants and our properties. Combine this with a well respected reputation in the communities we operate in and you will find him to be a true real estate professional.

Melissa A. Zinn, Executive Assistant

Being the force that holds us together since 2008, Missy performs many duties beyond those of a traditional executive assistant. In addition to being the voice you hear every time you call us, she acts as an accountant, scheduling coordinator, file system manager, and countless other important roles. With her skills, Conewago maintains an efficient and professional means of handling crucial office tasks.

Justin M. Smith, Vice President

Joining the company in early 2020, Justin oversees property management and handles leasing of our portfolio.